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Sunday Morning and Ukraine

Preparing for a large influx of chronically ill people from Ukraine

An immobile boy from eastern Ukraine and his father are on their way from Kharkov to Vyshne-Netske (Infectious encephalitis, residual tetraparesis. History of prior vascular events on MRI, December 2021). They plan to cross the border today-tomorrow, and together with the exhausted father we are looking for contacts who can urgently pick up the tired and dehydrated boy. Meanwhile, an 18-year-old woman with cancer is on her way from Kiev, and our Ukrainian doctor, who arrived from England on Friday and is helping at the border, is trying to arrange transportation for her.

A MALnS volunteer who coordinates the transportation of children with disabilities from the hardest hit areas of Ukraine, compiles lists, executes documents, and selects the most difficult cases. She tells me what preparations for the expected Russian attacks look like. I worry about her, but she knows what she's doing. She is a hero. She tells me simply: We must act quickly...

The hospital director from Kharkiv calls me and begs me to send at least over-the-counter medications if prescription (antibiotics) are such a problem, and shares that they are out of gloves.

What Ukraine needs

1.Medicine. Hospitals tell us - I give the example of a hospital from Kharkov, the most affected area, but this is only a small part
2.Make space in their hospitals for soldiers and help us with handicapped children

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