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Digital Health Check for childred from Ukraine

The "Ukrainian Student" web portal continues with a new initiative, and we are pleased to announce further cooperation between the Alona Kurotova Foundation and the Digital Coalition. This collaboration has already yielded significant results, and we are proud to announce a new phase aimed at improving medical services for Ukrainian children and youth in Slovakia.

The new initiative includes the use of telemedicine to conduct health check of children aged 6 to 18 in Bratislava and Kosice. Thanks to the joint efforts of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Society for Primary Pediatric Care of the Slovak Medical Association, and the International Association of Physicians and Medical Workers in Slovakia, we will provide quality and timely medical services for Ukrainian children.

Health checks will be conducted using the latest digital technologies, allowing not only to care for the health of children but also to provide the necessary medical certificates for attending schools in Slovakia. This is particularly important for children who moved to Slovakia after February 24, 2022, and have not yet fully adapted.

Registration for a health check

The Alona Kurotova Foundation remains committed to supporting the education and health of Ukrainian children in Slovakia. We continue to provide the necessary resources for successful integration and adaptation in the new environment. This initiative is an important step towards ensuring quality medical care for our children. Do not miss the opportunity to provide your children with the necessary medical help and support for successful schooling and life in Slovakia.