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Running to help us out

The article was written today after a 30K run, and it may not be so much about sports as it is about how running makes me feel, and I am happy to share it. This is one of the opportunities to overcome the consequences of the Corona that each of us has. I know that there is something suitable for everyone, but in this article I will try to show one of the ways I do it using my own example.

How did I start

I have always been involved in sports and took it for granted, but my experience in running before that was minimal. Everything changed at the beginning of the year. I started running when the situation became a trigger and reminded me of something from the movie "Forest Gump". But after the run, the situation seemed more distant, and I began to rationally think about how not to give up. I now run daily and feel more balanced than ever. Even though I'm going through a tough time right now, with the help of running everything returns to normal, I have more energy, and I know that everything will be resolved.

Why am I running

I can be very happy, but it is also very hard for me when I see injustice or someone or something brings me down. I cannot helplessly look at the unfavorable things that affect people and especially children. But for some reason, during the coronavirus, it began to accumulate. I write about public issues on my blog, and I acknowledge that there have been more of them outside the public sector. I am in the business of attracting foreign investment to Slovakia, and when I heard in a meeting with government officials that Slovakia is heaven on earth, I immediately went to a half marathon to cool down.

It is difficult for foreign companies to bring their executives to Slovakia, as consulates do not accept applications for a first residence permit. We are expelling businessmen, because, probably, SIS has started some kind of project of its own, and no one knows what it is. We have made life so difficult for foreign medical workers during corona that even the few who remain are returning home or taking jobs as cleaners. We are happy to deport the foreign workers we lured here when we needed them, and now we are throwing them away because we don't need them anymore, along with the children we barely got into Slovak schools. I know the case of 700 agency workers from Ukraine who were fired overnight from a well-known car company, as well as a smaller case that the police boast about on their website. I went through a period where I didn't know whether to save the business, or people in the business, but also outside of it, clients, or help their children overcome Сorona-related complications, or take care of their own children. I decided that everything needed to be dealt with, and with the utmost determination. I'm glad running gives me the energy to do so. In my opinion, it is impossible to say that we will deal with only one thing, when in fact everything is interconnected.


Corona is a wonderful season of diverse discoveries and opportunities that is second to none. We need to be persistent and accept difficulties as something temporary. Running can be very helpful in this. I recommend a half marathon to cool down, or a 30K to recuperate. I know that even a few kilometers can be enough, just try it, you should always start with the first step. Any of you can overcome the consequences of the Corona, but you need to find the right path, and it does not have to be running, but, for example, walking or solving puzzles. I seem to have found mine.

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