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Project "Digital Provision for Students of Ukraine"

The Alena Kurotova Foundation became a partner of the unique project "Digital Manual for Students of Ukraine" ("Ukrainian student"), which is being implemented by the Digital Coalition.

The project provides support to Ukrainian children who have the status of "Temporary Shelter" and attend primary or secondary school in Slovakia.

The reason for our partnership is the fact that the activities of the Alena Kurotova Foundation are long-term focused on supporting and developing the education of foreign children in Slovakia.

Currently, less than half of Ukrainian schoolchildren studying in Slovakia study in the school system of the Slovak Republic.

The goal of the project is to help motivate Ukrainian children and their parents to attend school in the Slovak Republic and thereby ensure the continuity of the educational process, and what is no less important for children after the stress experienced, the project contributes to their socialization in a new, Slovak environment, while the war in Ukraine is still ongoing .

As part of the Ukrainian Schoolchild project, you can provide a contribution (in the form of a certificate) in the amount of 350 euros for the purchase of a new digital device for up to 20,000 Ukrainian children.

You can join the project until September 30, 2023.

To receive a certificate, a child must meet the following requirements:

- be a citizen of Ukraine,
- have the status of "Temporary shelter" in Slovakia
- be enrolled in the Slovak school system,
- be under 18 years of age.