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iCanSchool in partnership with Úrad komisára pre deti and Nadácia Alony Kurotovej invites to the financial literacy course for Ukrainian teenagers

The course will help you understand financial processes:

  • understand lending, investing, securities, cryptocurrencies, and more. Teenagers will be able to independently assess the risks of their use;
  • gain knowledge and skills to protect themselves from financial fraud on the Internet and in real life;
  • trace the cause-and-effect relationship between their own financial decisions and future success.

The course is completely free of charge.

Address: Panónska cesta 3604/17, Petržalka

When: start on February 10, 2024 at 11.00 a.m.

Further classes will be held every second Saturday of the month:

24.2, 9.3, 23.3, 6.4, 20.4, 4.5, 18.5, 1.6, 15.6, 29.6, 13.7, 27.7.

The course lecturer is a psychologist and educator, as well as an experienced financial advisor Anastasia Sidorchuk
If you need help or advice, we will be glad to meet you at the Ican Language School in Panonská cesta 17, 3rd floor every second Saturday from 13.00 to 15.00 for a personal consultation on 10.2, 24.2, 9.3, 23.3, 6.4, 20.4, 4.5, 18.5, 1.6, 15.6, 29.6, 13.7, 27.7. Or you can apply directly at under "Apply". We will definitely help you.
Alona Kurotova is an acting expert of the ombunsman for Ukrainian children in Slovakia. This authority is engaged in the protection of children's rights in Slovakia and existing mechanisms have been created for this purpose.