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Buddici - learn Slovak with us

Learn to speak Slovak with us

Easy, in a friendly atmosphere with a volunteer teacher and free of charge

Who can sign up?

Our local volunteer Buddy teacher will help you with this in individual conversational lessons of the Slovak language.

  • Did you come to Slovakia because of the war in Ukraine?
  • Perhaps you'll stay here for a while?
  • Can you spare 4 hours a month for conversational Slovak language lessons?
  • Would you like to connect with a local Slovak or Slovak woman who can teach you the basics of communicating in Slovak?

If so, fill out this short form and we will contact you as soon as we can find a local Buddy teacher who can help you learn the basics of communicating in Slovak for free.

We will try to connect you as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take several weeks or even more than a month. Thank you for your patience.
What happens after filling out the form?

  1. Within 10 minutes you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox with the subject “[FUTURE STUDENT] Confirm that it is YOU.”
  2. You just need to click on the link so that we can be sure that you have registered for the project and that it works for our electronic communication.
  3. If the email doesn't arrive, check your SPAM folder to make sure.
  4. Once you complete the form, we will begin searching our database for a volunteer who is as close to you as possible.
  5. Once we have found an appropriate Buddy Volunteer for you, we will send them all instructions on how to contact you as a student and arrange an initial meeting with you.

Confirming your email address is not a condition for participation in the project, but since we are doing this in order to help you as best as possible with the Slovak language, we would also like to have contact with you as a student and we could also communicate with you on electronic. by mail and sometimes ask you about your experience and needs.
What is it about?

One of the most urgent needs of Ukrainian families remaining in Slovakia is the opportunity to actively communicate and get along in Slovak at work, in a store, on the street or at school.

Therefore, we will try to find you a local Buddy teacher in your city who will meet with you 4 times a month for a conversational Slovak language lesson. Both beginners and intermediate level can apply. You don't pay for lessons, they are free. Nobody pays the volunteer teacher for this activity; he does it as a charity to help Ukrainians.

We have prepared practical teaching materials for you, thanks to which Baddick the teacher will be able to teach classes, even if you speak different languages. Using pictures, simple sentences and questions, Buddy Teacher will help you say your first full sentences and short dialogues in Slovak.

We prepare educational materials in such a way that if you are interested, you will have the opportunity to study languages in tandem. Therefore, you will also be able to teach your Slovak Buddy teacher Russian or Ukrainian. Of course, this is not a condition, it depends only on your mutual agreement.
How would this happen?

  1. You fill out a short registration form HERE.
  2. When we find a teacher friend in your city/region, we will send him your Viber contact that you provided in the registration form, and he will contact you.
  3. Slovak Buddy Teacher will contact you via the Viber application and arrange your first Slovak language lesson. You will meet in person, in a cafe, tea room or other place where you can concentrate and hear clearly.
  4. Together with teacher Buddy you will have 4 lessons over 1 month, that is, ideally 1 hour per week. If you are interested, you can continue studying.
  5. After a month, we will ask you to provide a short review. Information about how the lesson went, how you collaborated with Buddy, and how you perceive the educational material is very valuable and important for us. Thanks to them, we can continue to improve and promote this project.
In case of any questions or ambiguities, you can contact us at