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Intent, goals and their realization

It's the end of the year, and it's time to make decisions, set goals, and then implement them. It is the realization of the goals that most of us miss out on. This applies not only to those who do not know how to set goals correctly, but also to those who for various reasons have not been able to achieve them. We live in a time of uncertainty, when planning is lame, and we don't know what's in store for us in a month. Does this mean we should stop planning? What do those who have an understanding of where to go and what do the rest of us do?

The state and planning

The state should be a model for setting short-, medium-, and even long-term goals. After all, it has extensive documents for this purpose, policies are developed for 5 years and in every area. So it remains a mystery to me how it can behave in such a way that it seems to us that some state leaders or local officials do not follow these goals. Or do they not even set them? Long-term planning is all the more important in times of crisis because it is a kind of ray of light for us to go into the future and abstract ourselves from short-term distractions. Let's just close the schools because we can't quantify the immediate impact on taxes and GDP, but let's leave the stores open because under-taxing there is easy to calculate and would be too much of a loss in the short term. And the fact that the long-term goal of the state should probably be quality education is not important at this point...

Me and planning

I have a planner, and I write down my short-term and long-term goals. I wrote down a list of long-term goals on my cell phone to remind myself of them before making important decisions. I haven't deleted any goals from there, but the truth is, I haven't accomplished any of them for all of 2020. Of the10 goals, I didn't accomplish any. The fact that I didn't give up should be considered a great accomplishment. It is also true that I have accomplished hundreds of short-term goals that I tackle on a daily basis, and these are steps forward. I feel positively about that! During the Coronavirus that were small steps with big obstacles.

A way to cope

As I reflect on this, I realize that I need to set medium-term goals for the future to help on the way to long-term ones. I will try to articulate them as we approach the new year. This year I have been able to manage NOT achieving my long-term goals at the expense of achieving my athletic goals. I can say that I am ready for a marathon and can organize myself. We'll see. For those of you whose determination is a strength, I recommend sports and running in particular as a way to cope with the daily challenges of life. For those of you with other strengths, I recommend not shying away from setting goals, but as a guide, I might recommend publishing those goals and sharing them with the people around you. It is your environment that will remind you of what you have vowed to do, and thereby support and motivate you to succeed.

Unfortunately for Slovakia, more and more people are striving to achieve their goals abroad. For example, doctors...

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