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Health checks in Kosice: Starting June 3

We are pleased to announce that Health checks within the pilot project "Digital Health checks for Children from Ukraine" supported by the Alyona Kurotova Foundation will begin on June 3 in the city of Kosice. There are currently 320 open slots available, and we encourage parents and guardians to register their children as soon as possible to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Process and Participation Conditions

The goal of the "Digital Health checks for Children from Ukraine" project is to provide quality health checks using the latest telemedicine tools and to issue official medical certificates for Ukrainian children, which are necessary from September 1, 2024, for attending educational institutions in Slovakia, thereby enhancing their integration and well-being in the new social and educational environment.

Participants: Children and youth aged 6 to 18, who do not have a contract with a Slovak paediatrician.

During the health check, you may also be given the opportunity to conclude a contract with a paediatrician at the Košice University Hospital, subject to availability.

Registration is now open at one examination site located in Kosice, where 320 slots are available. We are also working on opening an additional site in Bratislava. Regardless of the city of residence in Slovakia, registration is open to all Ukrainian children who meet the conditions of participation in the project.


Parents and guardians can learn about the project details and participation conditions on the official website.


Hurry, the number of places is limited! Register today to ensure your children can take full advantage of this project.