Scholarship Program
"I am already here!"

The AK Foundation provides a unique opportunity to apply for a contribution of a semi-intensive Slovak or English language course if you match the following conditions:
  • Conditions for granting a scholarship under the program "I'm already here!"
    1. you are a foreign citizen,
    2. you have a valid residence permit in the Slovak Republic for the purpose of study, business, employment, family reunion or tolerated stay,
    3. attending the course will help you improve your employability on the Slovak labour market and integrate into Slovak society,
    4. you failed to find work in the Slovak Republic for 6 months, or your business was unsuccessful so far.
    The amount of the financial contribution can be from 50% to 100% of the course price (the specific amount of the discount will be assessed by the Selection Board of AK foundation on the basis of the applicant's social situation).

How to get a scholarship in the program
"I'm already here!"

Sign up for a course
Sign up for a course of Slovak or English languages at the iCan Language School.
To do this, fill out the application and send it.
Apply to the AK Foundation
Apply for the contribution of the chosen course from the AK Foundation by "Už som tu! (I am already here!)" program according to the instructions
Write a letter
Write a motivation letter and send it along with the application.
Get a decision
Pay for the course the missing amount, if the amount paid by the Fund AK is less than the cost of the course.
  • How to apply to the AK Foundation
    Compulsory attachments must be attached to the application. In case any of the compulsory attachments are not attached to the application, AK Foundation will not accept this application and it will be automatically removed from the nomination process for the scholarship programme "I am already here!"

    Fill in the application form.
    Attach the required attachments in pdf format.
    Click on "Send".
  • List of required attachments to the application:
    1. A signed curriculum vitae,
    2. A copy of the travel document page that contains the holder's personal information,
    3. A motivation letter explaining why he/she is applying for a scholarship.