Grant programs

Support for Ukraine
Integration of children and adults from Ukraine
The #Pohybspaja project for Slovak and Ukrainian teenagers
Presentation of the #Pohybspaja project organized by MALnS
Scholarship program
"Tell your story, get a course for free"
The “Tell your story, get a course for free” program is being implemented jointly with various foundations and philanthropists, whose goal is to help Ukrainians who find themselves in a difficult life situation integrate into Slovak society and “write” their own success story.
Vertikál (Vertical)
Scholarship Program
The AK Foundation encourages ambitious students from non-EU countries to obtain high-quality education through the "Vertikál" Scholarship Program. The Vertikál Scholarship Programme gives the chance to talented young people to acquire higher education in the Slovak Republic and to advance professionally.
I am already here!
Scholarship Program
"I am already here!" scholarship program is intended for all those interested in semi-intensive language courses, the graduation of which can help the scholar to be successful in finding a job in the labour market. The applicant for a scholarship should meet the following conditions: ...
Step by step
Scholarship Program
When moving to Slovakia from another country, people face many difficulties. In order to help children from foreign families who have come to Slovakia and who plan to stay here, the Alona Kurotova Foundation ("AK Foundation") is opening a charity course of the Slovak language...
A series of textbooks
for foreign children
The Foundation AK financially supports the unique project "Series of Textbooks for Children of Foreigners".