How to donate 2% of income taxes

If you want to support us in our activities and help foreign students in Slovakia, then you can make a donation in one of the convenient ways listed below.


Each individual can donate 2% of income tax to a charitable organization.

If you have volunteered for at least 40 hours during the applicable tax period, you can donate 3% of income tax.

If you are employed and your employer files your tax return, you will need to request proof of income tax payment from your employer and download and file the Tax Share Application.
You need to submit these two documents personally or send a letter to the tax office by April 30.

If you file a tax return by yourself (Type A), then you need to fill in the information about 2% (or 3%) in the relevant paragraph (VIII) and enter the received amount in field 83, and field 84 fill in the identification number (IČO) and the name of the organization to which you want to transfer the tax share.
The tax return must be filed till March 31.

Individual entrepreneur in Slovakia

If you are an individual entrepreneur, then the procedure is almost the same. But in the tax return of an individual type B, paragraph XII is filled in field 151 indicates the calculated 2% (3%) of tax, field 152 must indicate the identification number (IČO) of the organization to which you want to donate the tax share.

Gift from an individual

As an individual, you can also donate any amount. No special documents are required for this, it is enough to indicate in the purpose of payment that this is a gift.

IBAN: SK38 8330 0000 0023 0088 0731
Bank's name: Fio banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky
Address of the bank: Dunajská 1, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovensko

Legal entity

Each legal entity can donate 1% of income tax to a charitable organization.

If a company has donated to a charitable organization at least 0.5% of income tax in the relevant tax period, the company can donate 2% of income tax. To do this, paragraph VI must be completed in the tax return of a legal entity.

Gift from a Legal entity

As a legal entity, you can also donate any amount. In this case, you will need to sign a financial gift agreement.

Name: Nadácia Aľony Kurotovej
Legal form: Nadácia
Registered address: Panónska cesta 3604/17, 851 04 Bratislava-Petržalka
Registration number (IČO): 42363683
DIČ: 2120048359