Scholarship Program

The Foundation AK encourages ambitious students from non-EU countries to obtain high-quality education through the Vertikál Scholarship Programme. The Vertical scholarship program gives the chance to talented young people to acquire higher education in the Slovak Republic and to advance professionally.
  • Conditions for granting a scholarship under the program "Vertical"
  • How to apply
    If you are interested in participating in the programme Vertikál (Vertical), please send an application.

    In the event that any of the compulsory attachments are not attached to the application, AK foundation will not accept this application and it will be automatically removed from the nomination process for the scholarship programme Vertikál.

    Fill in the application form,
    attach the required attachments in the format pdf
    and click on Send.
  • Mandatory application attachments:
    1. The document proving the highest education acquired - diploma of secondary school graduation (verification of the authenticity of the signatures and the school's stamp on the document of education (apostille) by the issuing State authority or the country where the school is located responsible for its verification unless the international treaty provides otherwise);
    2. Secondary school records certifications;
    3. A signed curriculum vitae;
    4. A copy of the travel document page that contains the holder's personal information;
    5. A short motivation letter explaining why the student interested in scholarship decided to study in the Slovak Republic;
    6. A 3.5 cm x 4 cm photo showing the true face of a person without dark glasses.
Reviews of scholarship holders
of the "Vertical" program
Kostia D.
Scholarship response 2017
I am a citizen of Ukraine Kostia D., a graduate of the language school and a participant of the Foundation AK charity programme. I want to tell you my story that has completely changed my life.
My life changed one day in August 2017. I was on holiday with my parents by the Black Sea after a difficult period in my life (graduating from secondary school and admission to the university). I was sure that I had all the hardest gone, so I did not expect any changes.
Suddenly my mother showed me an interesting internet advertisement. The advertisement included information that the AK charity foundation is looking for two students who want to get higher education in the EU country - in Slovakia, but they cannot afford it themselves because they come from socially disadvantaged families (orphans, large families, families of migrants, etc.). These families do not have the opportunity to afford to study abroad. However, in order to get to the Slovak university and study free of charge, the necessary condition is the knowledge of the state language (Slovak). That is why AK foundation offers a free of charge course in the Slovak language with the duration of 1 school year (10 months) and guarantees acceptance. In addition, it offers financial support in the form of a scholarship that covers all expenses during school attendance (public transport, accommodation and meals).
At first glance, it seemed to me as something incredible, I could not believe it. The emotions have overtaken me. Before that, I could not even think that I would ever have the opportunity to travel abroad. Without hesitation, we called the phone number and learned all about the opportunity. We then sent copies of the documents they needed to make a choice among those who wanted to try it. When I found out about the procedure of choice, I doubted my own abilities, and I did not believe in the chance to realise my dream. However, my desire to get to know the world, the new nations, their customs and traditions, to learn a foreign language and, above all, to get European quality education - they convinced me. After all, the members of the commission believed in me, and they gave me the opportunity to experience everything I dreamed of for so long.
The next day a new life began for me, and my new friends – AK foundation, the director and teachers of the language school iCan - helped me a lot.
I could feel their help and care in everything: my trip from Ukraine to Slovakia, preparation of various documents, emotional support and much more. After arriving in Slovakia, Bratislava, I met good, nice and smiling people, who immediately helped me to understand that I was not alone here, and they would help me in any way if I have any problems with something.
Since then we have been doing everything together: registration of applications at universities, preparing for exams, watching Slovak films, talking about different topics at the time, being acquainted with Slovak law, also making trips and playing games. The life they gave me has been fantastic.
Thanks to these people, I learned a lot about the new country, its people, customs, traditions, and I am especially happy that they accepted me at the university. Now I am really looking forward to starting a new stage in my new life. Next year I will be a student at Comenius University in Bratislava.
I would like to thank very much everyone who believed me and supported me for a whole year: AK foundation and its director personally, the director of the language school iCan and my teachers. You are perfect people. Thank you for the chance to be with you!
Scholarship response 2016
In August 2016, I was contacted by the Slovak Embassy in my country and announced that I have been awarded a scholarship in the scholarship programme Vertical.
It was absolutely unexpected for me, because, when you come from a small town, in a small country like mine, without having any elite education and no financial support to “dream big”, you stop imagining that you can have a chance to continue your education in a foreign country, because, there’s always someone better than you to be selected. Strait “A” students with high IQs are highly desired as international students, and I did not fit that description, that’s why, when I was selected by Alona Kurotova Foundation as a scholarship holder, I could not believe it.
Later, I have discovered that their selection criteria are different from the ones the other organizations (that I have had experience with) had. They were not looking for students with the perfect academic records, winners of awards and extremely bright minds. The Foundation’s ambition was to give opportunities to students who have had fewer possibilities but have still shown a strong passion for learning, interest in their community and have tried, regardless of their limited possibilities, to grow their skills and help others do the same.
I was ensured, by Mrs Kurotova, that I have made a good choice by coming to Slovakia, because, as she had said, it was a great country, but I could not have imagined, back then, that I was to live one of the most wonderful and colorful experiences I have ever had, all in one year while studying the Slovak language at iCan School. With the support of the Foundation and the school, I have managed to overcome all the difficulties and issues that I have had. I discovered the beauty of the country, the melodiousness of the language, the countless opportunities and the kindness of the people. Not for a second did I feel like I was a foreigner, who does not belong in Slovakia.