A series of textbooks
for foreign children

The Alona Kurotova Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "AK Foundation") has decided to financially support a unique project of a series of textbooks for children of foreigners. This is a unique project of the iCan language school, which, with its partners, prepared a series of Slovak textbooks for children of foreigners. It is the result of a three-year effort by the entire team of authors and illustrators.

Considering the situation caused by the invasion of the Russian troops into Ukraine, which caused a several times higher influx of refugees, unfortunately mainly from hard-pressed Ukraine, especially women and children of school and preschool age, there was an urgent need to integrate these refugees into society and thus also ensuring their education. Such integration is only possible by ensuring that all children of foreigners have access to a full-fledged education in Slovakia, which is only feasible through a mastered Slovak language.

The current lack of a sufficient number of high-quality Slovak language textbooks for foreign children, whether in the first grade of primary schools or in pre-school age, means that despite the inclusion of children in Slovak schools and kindergartens, and with the arrival of the new school year, there will be several times more of them, it is not possible to choose the same concept of Slovak language education for children of foreigners.

The textbooks were created as part of the Erasmus+ program Slovak for children of foreigners - a tool for teachers and parents in the inclusion of children of foreigners in the educational process in the Slovak Republic, under the supervision of the main coordinator of the iCan language school, accredited in the network of schools and school facilities of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and of sports for Bratislava and Košice, which collaborated on the program with four partners - Czech & Slovak Club Birmingham, Petit Slavik Paris, an educational centre in Dublin and the State Pedagogical Institute. These are not only the textbooks themselves but also workbooks, a dictionary and a picture publication with basic vocabulary.

Despite the obvious societal need for such textbooks, it is not possible, due to limitations resulting mainly from the lengthy procurement process as well as other legislative conditions, to ensure the rapid distribution of textbooks to migrant children from state resources. For this reason, the AK Foundation decided to register a public collection, which would finance the accelerated printing and subsequent distribution of textbooks to those who need them so badly these days. As part of this collection, individual donors can contribute to any number of textbooks at their discretion, which will then be distributed within Slovakia.

The price of individual textbooks is EUR 10 and is determined only by the costs of their printing and distribution, without any profit from the AK Foundation.

The price thus consists of the following items:
✔ Printing costs (if promo codes are used, the fee is automatically deducted)
✔ Storage costs
✔ Packaging costs
✔ Distribution costs
✔ Administrative fee for coordinator