Alona Kurotova Foundation - free Slovak language lessons for foreigners in Kosice
After COVID-19, the activities of the AK Foundation have completely changed. Since the founding of the foundation in 2014, we have been mainly engaged in the education of foreigners from third countries who come from poor families or from homes for children left without parental care.
This year 2022 also brought us something that we all did not expect - the war in Ukraine and the subsequent influx of foreign refugees into the territory of Slovakia. The Alona Kurotova Foundation began to support the language education of Ukrainians in Slovakia, both children and adults.
Kosice Peace Marathon
The warm-up of the team "iCan" and "NadaciaAK" before the opening of the language school in Kosice was a success!
We took part in the International Peace Marathon in Kosice and now we are gaining strength and getting ready for this unforgettable day.
iCan language school teaches Slovak as a foreign language in Kosice | Spravy telKE
iCan language school in Kosice from September 2022
Therefore, at the beginning of October 2022, the AK Foundation sent its volunteers to support the opening of the iCan school in Kosice. At the opening of the school, volunteers from the AK Foundation explained to foreigners, refugees from Ukraine, what opportunities there are for free to attend language courses, for example, with the support of the Employment Center.
Also at the event, the AK Foundation supported the dissemination of information about Slovak textbooks for children of foreigners and expatriates "Aha, Slovenčina!". These textbooks are very useful for Ukrainian children in Slovak schools. Schools can order textbooks for Ukrainian children at the expense of state funding.
As a result of the work of volunteers to open a school in Kosice, we see the opening of several groups with funding from the Employment Center, so that applicants take the course for free.