First edition

Slovak language course for children

in Uzhhorod

Children's Day this year has become special for several dozen Ukrainian children, their parents and teachers.

In the premises of the Uzhhorod Library, in a solemn atmosphere, they received their certificates of completion of the Slovak language course, and also learned about the next possible steps and options for continuing their education in Slovakia.

1.06.2023 at the Uzhgorod Public Library a graduation ceremony for the first course of the Slovak language, implemented by the accredited in Slovakia language school iCan, with the support of the Charitable Foundation of Alena Kurotova was held.


Total number of applications: 182
Selected: 3 groups (40 people), 30 for free, 10 with a 50% discount
Attendance rate: 87.5%
Successfully completed: 35 students
Average score on final testing: 21 out of a possible 25


Student reviews of the Slovak language course
Teacher: Budnikova Olesya Tomashevna
Assistant Professor, Department of Slovak Philology, Ph.
National University of Uzhgorod
Feedback from students about the Slovak language course
Teacher: Bank Karolina Andreevna
Reviews of the Slovak language course
Teacher: Veronika Vasilievna Szabo
Assistant at the Department of Slovak Philology
Uzhhorod National University


During the event, the course graduates not only received certificates, but were also asked random questions in Slovak that even the teachers did not know about. After receiving thoughtful, unprepared answers, representatives of the AK Charitable Foundation were convinced that the training was conducted at a sufficiently high level and the children, if they wished, could well continue their studies at schools and universities in Slovakia.


The event was visited by the Mayor of Uzhgorod - Bohdan Andreev. He congratulated the children on the completion of the course and on Children's Day, thanked the representatives of the iCan school, the AK Foundation and the teachers present for organizing the study of the Slovak language, and expressed hope for further cooperation.

It was nice to see other distinguished guests at the graduation party, including:
Artyom Pogorelov — Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod,
Juliana Bokoch — head of the Business Relocation Department of Uzhgorod City Council,
Lyudmila Mikhailovna Lenart — head of the Uzhgorod Publical Library CE,
Alla Leonidivna Chernobuk — head of the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports of Uzhgorod City Council,
Yana Dudash — head of the Transcarpathian Regional Society of Slovak Women "Doverie",
Valentina Dmitrievna Chika — head of the Regional Children's Library.


One of the pleasant traditions was the exchange of gifts. This time, the AK Foundation, together with the Elist Publishing House, added books in Slovak to the shelves of the two libraries. Now the Uzhgorod Public Library and the Transcarpathian Regional Library for Children and Youth have something to read in Slovak.
After the official part of the event, representatives of the AK Foundation, iCan School and Ukrainian-Slovak Business Agency informally discussed with the teachers plans to improve and organize the next Slovak language courses for children in Uzhgorod.
We look forward to a long, comprehensive and fruitful collaboration.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to: the iCan School, the Ukrainian-Slovak Business Agency, the Uzhgorod City Council, and also: the teaching team headed by Olesya Budnikova for their help in implementing the project.

We hope for a long, comprehensive and fruitful cooperation.